I have been a waterfall hiker, chaser, seeker, junkie....you name it...for well over a decade now. When this all began, I chose waterfalls as the "carrot" to get me out hiking. Over time, my love for them has only grown for them. I have also developed a passion for photography, particularly waterfalls. Hiking to and seeing new waterfalls is now just the first step, as seeking them with perfect conditions to photograph is the next step. I have seen hundreds of them in my home state of North Carolina, as well as many waterfalls in South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. I have also been to see a few in Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Hawaii, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Maryland. I travel some for my job, and now I always try to visit at least a waterfall in every state I visited.. One day, I hope to have all 50 states represented.

Dark Hollow Falls

Ahhhh, my first trip to Shenandoah National Park, in northern Virginia. Living just one state to the south and seeing waterfalls in nearly 20 states, it would be assumed that this place would be checked off the list years ago. But, just like the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in my home state, I often …

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Lower Bearwallow Falls

The last weekend of April 2017 brought me a chance to see Lower Bearwallow Falls in Gorges State Park.  I have had this one high on my “Waterfalls To See” List for years now.  It is said to be a difficult, long hike, one that should be researched and planned ahead of time.  The opportunity …

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