Slick Rock Falls

First entry in some time, this one is about Slick Rock Falls near Brevard, NC. 2018 was a record year for rainfall in North Carolina and 2019 has been much like 2018 through the first half anyway… In April, I made the trip to Brevard, NC on a day in which the French Broad River had flooded many areas. I was forced to turn around several times….and abandon certain waterfalls that were the original plan. Eventually, I found myself riding up US 276 past the popular Looking Glass Falls and turning left on the Forest Road FR 475B. I was considering Discovery Falls or Log Hollow Falls. As I got close to this area, the sky opened completely up on a day in which the heavy rain was forecast to have already moved out of the area. It was also about 38 degrees so I kind of kept driving past this area as well. FR 475B, if taken from US 276 is pretty much all downhill, and pretty soon I drove up on Slick Rock Falls.

Slick Rock Falls is viewable from the forest road with a parking area on the right, just before you get to it. It can be enjoyed from the road, or a short trail that begins on the left, will lead you directly to the base. As I mentioned, there had been a ton of rain and this waterfall, that sometimes resembles just a wet rock in dryer times, was flowing very nicely today. I was quite excited to see it like this as I have never seen it flow like this.

Slick Rock Falls

For such a cold and nasty day, there was a surprising number of people here, like 6-8 folks all doing the same thing as me, chasing waterfalls on a crazy day. These are the exact kind of conditions however that allows the best chances at catching the best photo.

It is worth mentioning that there is a cave on the other side from where the trail leads to, but it was way too wet and the water was way too high to try and scramble across to it, another trip for another day.

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