I have been a waterfall hiker, chaser, seeker, junkie....you name it...for well over a decade now. When this all began, I chose waterfalls as the "carrot" to get me out hiking. Over time, my love for them has only grown for them. I have also developed a passion for photography, particularly waterfalls. Hiking to and seeing new waterfalls is now just the first step, as seeking them with perfect conditions to photograph is the next step. I have seen hundreds of them in my home state of North Carolina, as well as many waterfalls in South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. I have also been to see a few in Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Hawaii, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Maryland. I travel some for my job, and now I always try to visit at least a waterfall in every state I visited.. One day, I hope to have all 50 states represented.

Lower Cascades/Torys Falls After A Good Rain

Hanging Rock State Park just north of the triad in NC, is home to 5 named waterfalls.  They are small in nature and are nothing like the much larger waterfalls that lie farther west.  Several of these 5 falls dry up to merely a trickle in summer, but we had just received 1-2 inches of …

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