Cutler Falls

Cutler Falls on Justice Creek

Cutler Falls is a beautiful, tall waterfall on a somewhat small stream in far western NC. I have seen it listed as 80 ft, and 100 ft. I’ll just say that it is tall. The hike getting here is somewhat strenuous, roughly a mile and a half on old roads that climb constantly, steeper as you go. The real challenge for me on this one wasn’t the hike getting there, but rather, should I even BE there?

4 thoughts on “Cutler Falls”

  1. I had never received email from anyone on my email about the recent hike but I received yours.
    Cutler Falls is interesting. I have been to Sols Creek Falls, quite stunning!
    Do you have GPS coordinates for Culter Falls. When I looked up, page takes me other Cutler Falls unless I keep searching, I guess. Thank you in advance.

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