I have been a waterfall hiker, chaser, seeker, junkie....you name it...for well over a decade now. When this all began, I chose waterfalls as the "carrot" to get me out hiking. Over time, my love for them has only grown for them. I have also developed a passion for photography, particularly waterfalls. Hiking to and seeing new waterfalls is now just the first step, as seeking them with perfect conditions to photograph is the next step. I have seen hundreds of them in my home state of North Carolina, as well as many waterfalls in South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. I have also been to see a few in Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Hawaii, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Maryland. I travel some for my job, and now I always try to visit at least a waterfall in every state I visited.. One day, I hope to have all 50 states represented.

Compression Falls – Short but Steeeep!!

Compression Falls is a gorgeous, wide, scenic, and picturesque 30 foot waterfall with a plentiful water flow. It is located on the Elk River in the very eastern most section of Tennessee. The other waterfall that this river is famous for is Elk River Falls. It is located just 4 miles upstream in North Carolina. …

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Snowy Pilot Mountain Walk

“Jomeokee”, or “The Great Guide” as it was once known to native Americans, Pilot Mountain sits alone in Northwestern NC. A metamorphic quartzite monadnock that stands at 2421 feet above level. It is a the shining star of the ancient Sauratown Mountain Range. The other remnants of this once great chain sit just to the …

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BRP-294 A Visit To Moses Cone Memorial Park

Today I begin a new section of my blog, giving some recognition to probably the most important highway in the Appalachian Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway or BRP for short.  As I hike different sections of this monumental highway, I will simply begin the titles as BRP followed by the number representing the mile marker …

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January Thaw – First Hike at Elk Knob State Park

First  Hike at Elk Knob State Park  It is just not a typical winter in North Carolina.  Instead of inches of snow, and power outages, we are counting 60 degree days at the lower elevations, and going on some sweet winter hikes that we normally can not do.    On a day that I had …

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Rainbow Falls – Horsepasture River, North Carolina’s Finest Waterfall??

While I ponder where my next  waterfalls hike will be,  I would like to take a few minutes to share the best of what I have found so far in my travels.  In the southwest corner of NC, deep in the “Land of the Waterfalls”,  just outside of the fairly new Gorges State Park, lies …

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