King Creek Falls, SC – Waterfalls Hiker’s 100th Waterfall

I have been anticipating my 100th waterfall and what it would be, as I got closer and closer. I had visions of being on a boat on the US/Canada border soaking in Niagra Falls for this milestone. Reality had different plans for me, and on a July Sunday in which I put myself in front of 3 new waterfalls, King Creek Falls in northern South Carolina became the 100th waterfall that I have made my way to.

After visiting Eastatoe Falls, and Twin Falls, I had plenty of time for one more new waterfall. The options in this area seem endless, in this tri-state area where South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia all meet. I chose King Creek Falls, because of photos from other hiker/photographers that I have seen, and it was in a good area to make my way back into North Carolina after I was done.

How to get there: From South Carolina, I headed west along highway 11, and made a right turn on highway 130 heading north. This same highway once in North Carolina becomes NC 281 in the Whitewater Falls area. Just before going into NC, I turned left on a road that had a sign “To 107”. Take this short connector road to SC 107 and head left. Heading back south for a few miles, look for Burrells Ford Road. Make a right here and head downhill for a few miles.. This road becomes gravel soon. There will be somewhat of a large parking area on the left, not necessarily for King Creek Falls, but for the Foothills Trail and Chatooga Trail. Yes, this is Foothills country and King Creek Falls, while my primary destination here, is only one of the many things people drive down here to hike and see at this Foothills Trail access point.


There are several ways to go from this parking lot. King Creek Falls is on the trail that goes behind the information panel. The Foothills Trail leads off here and is the first half of the hike. It is an interesting hike that descends slightly, with some switchbacks. The trail is somewhat narrow through here, so be careful of roots and rocks that like to stick up and catch our unsuspecting feet.

The trail soon comes to King Creek. Once here, follow the signs, cross the bridge, and turn left to head up stream along the right side. Across the bridge, the Foothills Trail will break off to the right.



The hike along King Creek is particularly scenic. I lost count, but there were at least 10 small 3-5 foot waterfalls along this stretch of creek, making it a scenic and noisy stream. Then, just like that, King Creek Falls appears.



There were a number of families visiting here on this day, so I just took a few shots when I could. The best view is the one on the opposite side of the creek. Crossing here is easy though. Just like my waterfalls earlier in the day, Eastatoe, and Twin Falls, conditions were not pristine for waterfall photography. It was too bright, the water was lower than I would have liked, and…the dreaded half sun, half shade was on the waterfall. Next visit will be conditions focused. This hike was about 0.9 miles one way and was really a nice stroll through the woods. It was not Niagra Falls, but is was still a nice waterfall for number 100!!

Here is a short video of King Creek Falls!

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