Eastatoe Falls – My First Look At A Beautiful, Private Waterfall

Eastatoe Falls was the first waterfall on my list for this mid July waterfall run. This is a great waterfall to plan on a day when visiting nearby Twin Falls in SC, or some of the waterfalls up on NC 215.  This one was to be different. I have seen a number of images of this gorgeous waterfall but was not sure how to see it. It is on private property.

Now, being on private property, I have found it a tad more challenging to find directions to it. I was able to locate this at the Romantic Asheville website: http://www.romanticasheville.com/eastatoe_falls.htm
Kudos to them for this. I followed their instructions and 3.4 miles south along US 178 from its junction with US 64, I found this in a town called Rosman:

This will be a right turn if coming from US 64, and a left turn if coming up from South Carolina. The first thing you will see here once turning in the driveway is a small pond and a bridge, followed by the house. The owners here have taken the time to put up signs directing traffic to follow the driveway around to the back of the house, and have a sign up for where to park. They do ask that you do not block the driveway. I don’t find that to be too much to ask at all, there is plenty of room.

I wasn’t sure where to go from here, I could hear the waterfall, just not see it. I made my way to the right , and began to see the signs.



Just a short distance further….


After this short walk, there it was, just down the short, very nice staircase. Much thanks to the owners for this staircase as well, adding some safety, and convenience to this possibly tricky area. The weather conditions were not “photo perfect” on this day, being sunny and bright. The water was down some from some photos I have seen, but this was still a beautiful scene. The waterfall is about 70 feet high, falling over a straight ledge, and cascading down. I could sit for hours here and just enjoy!




Here are a few of the looks I enjoyed. The trip back was even easier than the trip to it. After leaving the stairs, a short straight path leads straight into the field or parking area. As it turns out, this waterfall can almost be seen from the house. I imagine when the leaves fall off, it would be visible. That is cool.




I can not state the importance of this part….Please be on your best behavior here. Please park in the designated area, walk to the waterfall, enjoy it, and then leave. Leave no trash, and do not make tons of noise. This is not the waterfall to do that at. It is right at someone’s private homesite. They have been gracious not only to allow us to visit it, but also provided a detailed path, and parking area to make it pleasant for us all. I am thankful for their kindness!

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