Twin Falls SC


One of my focuses of 2014 was to see more waterfalls that were “new to me”. Along with revisiting others and improving the existining photography, I want to expand my waterfall base. This mid July weekend was good, as I added 4 new waterfalls to my list. I would have to say that of the 4 new waterfalls, this one, Twin Falls goes down as my favorite.

After turning south on US 178 from US 64 in Rosman, it won’t be too long before US 178 heads into South Carolina. The highway is a bit twisty, curvy, up and down during this stretch, but nothing out of the ordinary for this section of the mountains. If coming from the north, look for a somewhat run down looking place called “Bob’s Place” on the right. Cleo Chapman Road comes in here, take this right and follow it down hill for several miles.
When the road reaches what looks like a “Y” junction almost, bear to the right here on Eastatoe Community Rd.

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