Silver Run Falls


2014……..Wow!! Happy New Year to all!! One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to see more waterfalls that are “new” to me. 2013 was largely spent on getting better photos of many of the ones I had previously visited. I did add a few new ones to my list. Courthouse Falls was probably my favorite new waterfall for 2013. Now it is time to get back to business and grow my collection. My first waterfall trip of 2014 was a trip into South Carolina to see Yellow Branch Falls. On my way back, I had just enough daylight for a quick stop at Silver Run Falls, just accross the border in North Carolina. Silver Run Falls is another new one to me. This is a beautiful 25 foot waterfall that sits less than 1/4 mile from NC 107, about 4 miles south of Cashiers.

There may be room for 4 or 5 cars to park on the side of the highway. The sound of the falls can be heard immediately, so you know you’re not far away. This made a perfect waterfall to end my day as I was running out of daylight. The trail starts at the road, and goes downhill a short ways. The trail is well manicured with large gravel and wooden borders. There will be a bridge to cross which I later learned is the Whitewater River. It seems smaller than Sliver Run Creek at this point. After a few curves and turns, there it is Silver Run Falls. The water level was up and it was making some noise. The plants surrounding the waterfall must be of the evergreen variety, and helped make this a picturesque waterfall even on New Years Day. The pool is wide open and large. I can just see this place filled with people on a hot sunny day. If you want it to yourself, wait until it is 38 degrees on a week night….lol. So after the 25 foot plunge into the large, pool, Silver Run Creek becomes a major tributary to the Whitewater River which gets much bigger by the time it reaches the famous Whitewater Falls. I have a short video of Silver Run Falls to help show it better, hope you enjoy.


Author: waterfallshiker

I gave up the video game playing, TV watching lifestyle years back now. There just had to be more to life. I discovered a love for waterfalls on Christmas day 2008, at Elk River Falls in Elk Park NC. While not initially realizing it, this opened a whole new world, and lifestyle for me. I now love to spend my free time, hiking to waterfalls, and mountain tops in search of pristine views. This has also led me to a love of photography and blogging. While i am still not an expert at either several years in to this, I love the challenges that both offer me. I see my skills getting better at both as time goes by. Sharing what I see via social media brings me great joy. I love the feedback, good and bad. I love to see what others are able to show as well. I created my blog "WaterfallsHiker", originally to just help myself keep up with my travels, not really with any real purpose in mind. After 2 years on this blog, I see that It has evolved into a combination of an information site, and a place to show off my progress as an amateur photographer. I try to do it all and include some bits of my personality as well. It is something I really enjoy doing. When I am not working on this hobby, I can be found on a golf course, spending time with my beautiful fiance and her daughter, or working my 40 hours a week at Costco.

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