Rainbow Falls – Short Autumn Video

New for 2014!! In an effort to improve the waterfall experience for everyone, I have made a few tweaks, changes and added Videopress. This will now allow me to present blogs with video. I think a good short video can really add a new dynamic to the viewer/reader, especially when presenting something like a waterfall.

I can think of no better waterfall to begin with than Rainbow Falls on the Horsepasture River just south of Sapphire , NC. This waterfall is a 150 foot, large volume waterfall that photos often do not do it justice. This video will show its true size. While the video is short, and not steady, the kids that were at the base taking “selfies” really helped me show this waterfalls size and power with their presence. While the leafs were peaking, this was truly a beautiful scene to enjoy. I probably spent 45 minutes here before heading upstream for Turtleback Falls and Drift Falls. I hope you enjoy and Happy New Year!!

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