Log Hollow Falls and Falls on Tributary Streams

 For my last Hiking Day of 2015, I was somewhat unsure of where I would go.  It was going to be a solo hike today, so I wasn’t up for anything too extreme.  As I chatted online with some of the fellow Waterfall Chasers that I have hiked with over the last 6 months, I was flat out called out .  I was asked where I was on my WC100 list and why I wasn’t necessarily working on that.  My answer didn’t impress and I was was just told that I need to focus and get it together….lol. So I pulled out the list and found 3 waterfalls in the Davidson River/Looking Glass Rock area that I need to see for the first time.  On my last venture into this area, I left with a sprained knee that kept me off the trail for a month last summer.  I had to end the day with some progress on the list though, so off I went .  Two waterfalls would be checked off the list on this first hike of the day, to Log Hollow Falls and Tributaries.
I was surprised as to how easy Log Hollow Falls was. From the US 64/US 276/NC 280 intersection in Brevard, NC., head north on US 276 for 10 miles passing Looking Glass Falls (Stop Here If Not Too Crowded), Moore Cove Falls (Another Beauty), and Sliding Rock.  Look for a left turn on FR 475B.  Drive about 1 1/2 miles up, down and around a twisting forest gravel road for another, gated Forest Road 5043.  There will be a big brown information sign on the right.  Do not block road when you park.   

 Walk around the sign and down the road.  About 1/4 mile in, is a bridge.

 On the right side, just before this bridge, is a side trail that works it’s way up this stream.  It’s short, about 1/4 mile with the last section being pretty steep. This is the hardest and only real section of this hike that has any difficulty to it.  The waterfall awaiting was quite a nice surprise, a 50 foot waterfall known simply as the Waterfall on the northern tributary of Log Hollow Branch.  This waterfall is on the WC100 list.

   Getting the perfect shot is somewhat difficult due to the steep terrain up and around the falls.  I did the best I could and headed back down to continue on to Log Hollow Falls.
 The trail provides many looks at Looking Glass Rock as you walk along, at least in the winter.  In just a short ways will be the second bridge, which is Log Hollow Falls.  This is a 30 ft beauty that had more water than usual.  I think having too much water actually takes away from the defined look that is associated with Log Hollow Falls.  By the way, Log Hollow Falls, surprisingly is NOT on the WC100 list.

   After Log Hollow, it’s just a short ways down the road to the next waterfall, maybe another 1/4-1/2 mile on the the easy road.  The next waterfall will be on the right side of the road and is also unnamed lake the first one, but known as the waterfall on the southern tributary of Log Hollow Branch. This one is also on the WC100 List.

   It had lots of water today and was another surprise.  I turned around at this point and headed back to the car. Check 2 more off the list B.B.   Here is the map of this hike.
 Here is a short video of Log Hollow Falls and the 2 Falls on separate Tributary streams:

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