Waterfall on Garrett Creek

The Waterfall on Garrett Creek is a very nice, peaceful  roadside waterfall in SW Virginia, a few miles northwest of Abingdon.  It is set along a wooded stream where the waterfall becomes about 4 times as wide as the stream.    It is also on private property, so it will need to be viewed, enjoyed, and/or photographed from the road, which is public.  The good news is that the view from the road is very good.  If you are visiting waterfalls in SW Virginia, this one is worth adding to your list.

I first learned of this waterfall from Andy Thompson’s book “Hiking Waterfalls in Virginia”.  While reading about this one, I noticed it was just off the North Fork of the Holston River.  It was very close to one of my favorite Virginia waterfalls, Cobweb Falls (click for photos).  Unfortunately it is not possible to visit Cobweb.  It was nice, however to see another one in the area that was viewable.  So I planned to visit the Waterfall on Garrett Creek on my way to see the Falls of the Little Stony.

It was quite easy to find.  On US 19 heading north out of Abingdon, turn left on Garrett Creek Rd or CR 611.  Follow this for 2 miles, the road will resemble more of a driveway than a road once it curves left and heads into the forest. It will be easy to spot once there: There is not much room to park anywhere, so I just got out, got a few shots and went on my way.  I would like to come back here when it is all green and after some good spring rains maybe.

This should give a decent idea of what to expect when visiting this 45 ft cascade.  It’s private, but it’s viewable!

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