Mount Mitchell: Highest Peak East of the Rockies

Here is an interesting way to the summit of Mount Mitchell! I have been planning to hike the trail that begins in the Black Mountains Campground….this route though, starts on NC 128 which is the hey that takes you to the top of Mount Mitchell from the BRP!!

Carolina Trekker

Mount Mitchell is located in North Carolina in the Black Mountain range. It is known as the highest peak east of the Mississippi at 6,683 feet, but is actually the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains. Think about it: To get to a mountain higher than Mount Mitchell, one would have to go to Colorado. This is what attracted me to make the hike. I’ve hiked in the Rockies. They’re majestic and beautiful. But, who wouldn’t want the experience and bragging rights of bagging Mount Mitchell? Especially since such a natural wonder is literally in my own backyard?

The Trailhead.

I hiked the Mountains To Sea Trail to the summit of Mitchell. Here are directions for finding the point of entry. Wherever you are, take the Blue Ridge Parkway and head toward Mile Marker 355.4. Depending on which way you come, you’ll see NC 128 and a sign directing…

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Author: waterfallshiker

I gave up the video game playing, TV watching lifestyle years back now. There just had to be more to life. I discovered a love for waterfalls on Christmas day 2008, at Elk River Falls in Elk Park NC. While not initially realizing it, this opened a whole new world, and lifestyle for me. I now love to spend my free time, hiking to waterfalls, and mountain tops in search of pristine views. This has also led me to a love of photography and blogging. While i am still not an expert at either several years in to this, I love the challenges that both offer me. I see my skills getting better at both as time goes by. Sharing what I see via social media brings me great joy. I love the feedback, good and bad. I love to see what others are able to show as well. I created my blog "WaterfallsHiker", originally to just help myself keep up with my travels, not really with any real purpose in mind. After 2 years on this blog, I see that It has evolved into a combination of an information site, and a place to show off my progress as an amateur photographer. I try to do it all and include some bits of my personality as well. It is something I really enjoy doing. When I am not working on this hobby, I can be found on a golf course, spending time with my beautiful fiance and her daughter, or working my 40 hours a week at Costco.

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