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I was on my way to South Carolina this last weekend of 2014, on my way to the Walhalla area to see some waterfalls just north of town. This requires me to go through the beautiful city of Greenville, SC. I have spent some time here in the past on some work related projects. I never knew that there was a large, beautiful waterfall on the Reedy River right in the center of town. I must admit that I really wasn’t searching for them at that stage in my life either. I learned of this particular waterfall from viewing photos online, from some other waterfall seekers. While the idea of a waterfall in downtown Greenville doesn’t necessarily excite me, I was going to be driving right by it today. It was just a short detour from the interstate so I said “Why Not?”


Reedy River Falls is at the center of Greenville and has been the center for activity since the 1700’s. I won’t go too much into the history, but it can be seen here: Falls Park History. I got to it coming down I-85 south into Greenville and then taking I-385 into the center of town where the interstate ends. I don’t recall all of the turns I made downtown, but just followed the brown signs to Falls Park. Parking was somewhat of an issue, as everyone wanted $5 to park. I eventually found a 2 hour parking spot near a school that I learned was Furman University.


The rooty trees just caught my eyes, so I took some pictures. I approached Reedy River Falls, down a paved path with Furman on the right and a nice, small creek down the hill on the left with a few small cascades on it. This was just supposed to be an in-and-out trip so I could get back on the road and get to Walhalla. However, once I made my way to the bottom of the hill, I knew I would be here awhile.

My first view of Reedy River Falls was from the base. I walked down into the streambed over some rocks and took some photos. I looked around me, this was an amazing place. A large waterfall with a park designed all around it. The park is very popular, well designed , groomed and maintained. I made my way just down stream to see some smaller cascades. There are also some structures remaining from the old days here at the lower falls helping to give out that “historical” feel.




On my way back up, I stopped for some shots of the falls from a distance that allowed me to photograph the waterfall and the very cool 345 ft long Liberty Bridge that gives locals and visitors a very unique view of this waterfall.





After this, I made my way up to the Liberty Bridge. I understand that a highway bridge once covered these falls up but was torn up. This Liberty Bridge is much cooler, and higher as it curves around the waterfall. On both sides of the river are interesting side views of the falls. On the left side, the walkway goes up to some man made falls and some very interesting “under the bridge” designing, with benches & tables.











I enjoyed my visit to this park tremendously. I spent more time here than I planned. The falls here were very impressive. It is good to see Greenville taking such measures to preserve this for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed visiting that park a few times always good to see someone else’s perspective. I’ve spent a lot of time water-falling up near Walhalla, its a beautiful area. I use the book Waterfall Hikes of Upstate SC by Thomas King as a good guide book.

  2. Wonderful photos. The school was not Furman University but the S.C. Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities (high school). The Reedy Falls park is terrific in the Spring and Summer, with everything blooming. Outdoor music on weekends, and Shakespeare In The Park on the grounds below the falls. A 20+ mile paved walk/bikeway runs from the Greenville Zoo, through Reedy Falls park, pass the actual Furman University to Traveler’s Rest.

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