Tallulah Gorge – October


After a wonderful weekend viewing the colors in SW North Carolina, I had a Monday free. I decided to revisit the Tallulah Gorge in northern Georgia. My first visit here was in 2012, on a hot summer day. I had no idea what a gorge pass was then, and by the time I got there, all 100 had been distributed out. A gorge pass, allows you to enter the gorge floor, explore areas further that those on the main trails can not. Heading out early on a week day in October, I was sure to get one on this day……

Not…….. As it turns out, weather plays a big factor as well. With the heavy mist, drizzle, light rain and fog that had been going on for days, there were 0 gorge passes issued on this day. It is tricky enough down there without all of the bedrock being wet, so here I am…2 visits and still 0 gorge passes.

After a short visit into the Interpretive Center, I chose to head along the North Rim towards Inspiration Point First. One of the first points of interest here will be the tower and remains that Karl Wallenda used in 1970 to cross the gorge on a high-wire walk. The first waterfall can also be viewed in this area, far far below. Oceana Falls, a 50 ft cascade can be seen looking downstream. If this view isn’t enough, I am guessing a gorge pass would be the solution.










After enjoying Oceana Falls, the North Rim Trail climbs for 1/4 of a mile to Inspiration Point. I remember the view being very nice here a few years back. Today however, it was quite foggy and this very high point was in the clouds.




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