Moravian Falls


Moravian Falls is a very nice waterfall that is located just at the foothills of the Brushy Mountains. This means good ole Wilkes County, NC. Wilkes county is not known for waterfalls , but mainly the town of Wilkesboro. Wilkesboro is known to be “Where the mountains begin”.

Wilkesboro is located along the main route US 421 that runs through here. It is roughly 30 miles south and east of Boone, NC and about 45 miles north and west of Winston-Salem and the triad. It is usually a drive-thru town for me. US 421 is the route of choice for most people heading to the northwest NC Mountains. Many of my prime destinations for hiking, photography, golf, sight seeing, skiing, camping, canoeing, rafting, swimming, dining and even football games require travel on US 421. They include but are not limited to Boone, Appalachian State University, Grandfather Mountain, Elk River Falls, Roan Mountain, The Linville Gorge, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, Sugar Mountain, Beech Mountain, West Jefferson, The New River, Shatley Springs, Grayson Highlands State Park, Mount Rogers, and many locations in eastern Tennessee…..etc. I could go on and on. To get to any of these places, requires a drive through Wilkesboro.

Well, Moravian Falls is a great reason to take your foot off the gas pedal and spend a little time here. Moravian Falls actually has a coummunity named after it. Not exactly a town or city, but a CDP, which is a census-designated place or simply an area of concentrated population. To get here, find your way to exit 286A on US 421. This is on the southeast side of Wilesboro, and the exit for highways NC 16 and NC 18. Head south towards Lenoir and Taylorsville for about 3 – 3 1/2 miles. When NC 18 turns to the right, take it. In 1/2 mile look for a left turn onto Falls Rd. Follow Falls Rd for another 1/2 mile to the Moravian Falls Campgroud. Parking will be on the right, and the waterfall will be on the left. No hike needed here, just a short stroll across a pretty, green field. Note: this is private property and while they allow access! they prefer when you park to check in with them at the office.

This is a beautiful, and wide 35 foot high waterfall that makes 2 main cascading drops. This stream, also called Moravian Creek, then flattens out and heads under the bridge on its way to meeting with the Yadkin River, pretty close to where US 421 crosses the Yadkin in Wilkesboro. Here are some photos from my most recent visit.




If you can get there in June and July, it is particularly scenic as a very pretty flowering bush, opens up all its beauty. I am not certain what type of flowers they are, maybe some type of rose?


Be careful in US 421 through this county! It is a nice, wide open highway, that is covered by Highway Patrol. They really focus on speeders in Wilkes County . I know of this first hand. Lol. One visit I made to Moravian Falls was last winter, when I had to use an entire day to go to Wilkesboro and clean a little issue up. It is still nice in winter, just no color, and no ice on this day…:(


Finally, here are a few photos from last summer when I took my favorite 2 ladies to visit Moravian Falls. They loved it. It was just their type of hike as well..( no hike)! Thank you Kristin & Emma for “Striking a pose”

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