Fall Creek and Coon Creek Falls, Tennessee

I have heard so much about this place and some that are close to it. Tennessee is only 1 state away, so I plan to see this one soon and a few others to go with it.

The Waterfall Record

Fall Creek Falls (left) and Coon Creek Falls (right) in December 2009

It’s not often that I get to describe two waterfalls at once, and I could probably describe them separately. That seems counter-intuitive, though, as you’re going to see both Fall Creek Falls and Coon Creek Falls at the same time, assuming Coon Creek Falls is flowing.

Fall Creek and Coon Creek Falls are very easy to view, as you can drive to a parking area which leads to a viewing platform. At just over 250′ tall, Fall Creek Falls is very impressive. Coon Creek Falls is thinner, but is still interesting. The day I visited, it was rather windy, and so the falls, especially Fall Creek, were being pushed from side to side. It was rather cool to watch!

If you’re interested, there is a trail that leads down to the base of the falls. Now, from what…

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5 thoughts on “Fall Creek and Coon Creek Falls, Tennessee

  • Burgess Falls outside of Cookeville TN has to be one of the most impressive, close up waterfalls that I have ever seen. I would recommend adding it to your list.


    • Thank You Sal, I plan to visit that one before Fall Creek. It will be a 6 hour drive over to the west side of the mountains, so I must plan to see a number if good ones. Are there any others in this area that you recommend?


      • Hey Chris, Burgess, Falls Creek and Abrams (Smokey Mountains) are the only 3 that I have visited in TN.

        Personally, I was disappointed in Fall Creek Falls but it was a dry year so that could explain it. If you have time to kill, Abrams Falls in the Smokeys is nice. Its a good place to stop on the way back to NC if you need to stretch your legs.

        But Burgess….Wow, t was just incredible! The height and the amount of water coming over the falls…it was actually scary. But its a definite must see…the pictures do not do it justice.

        Have fun…. looking forward to your write up on it !



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