Fall Creek and Coon Creek Falls, Tennessee

I have heard so much about this place and some that are close to it. Tennessee is only 1 state away, so I plan to see this one soon and a few others to go with it.

5 thoughts on “Fall Creek and Coon Creek Falls, Tennessee”

  1. Burgess Falls outside of Cookeville TN has to be one of the most impressive, close up waterfalls that I have ever seen. I would recommend adding it to your list.

    1. Thank You Sal, I plan to visit that one before Fall Creek. It will be a 6 hour drive over to the west side of the mountains, so I must plan to see a number if good ones. Are there any others in this area that you recommend?

      1. Hey Chris, Burgess, Falls Creek and Abrams (Smokey Mountains) are the only 3 that I have visited in TN.

        Personally, I was disappointed in Fall Creek Falls but it was a dry year so that could explain it. If you have time to kill, Abrams Falls in the Smokeys is nice. Its a good place to stop on the way back to NC if you need to stretch your legs.

        But Burgess….Wow, t was just incredible! The height and the amount of water coming over the falls…it was actually scary. But its a definite must see…the pictures do not do it justice.

        Have fun…. looking forward to your write up on it !


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