Dry Falls…A 3 Video Perspective

Dry Falls is just an amazing waterfall. How lucky are we in North Carolina that this unique, powerful 70 foot Cullasaja gem falls right next to US 64 and is super accessible for just about all? This would be a waterfall easily worth hiking 5-10 miles one way for.

Of course this isn’t just a cool waterfall from in the front. It is also a wonderful experience…under it.

Once under this waterfall, it is easy to come out the other side for some more good viewing!

The videos were fun this day. I was able to use the Iphone 5S’s “slo-mo” video feature for some of these.

One thought on “Dry Falls…A 3 Video Perspective

  • Very nice videos and photos of this magnificent waterfall that I refer to as the “Old Faithful of NC”, as it never ceases to amaze me and in delivering in performance; as both of my visits there over the past several years are an attestment to these facts!


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