Toms Creek Falls


This is Toms Creek Falls, a beautiful 60 foot waterfall that I have driven right past numerous times. About 10 miles north of exit 86 off of I-40, along US 221 and NC 226 is where this is located. Going north , look on the left for Huskins Branch Road, just before the Woodlawn Inn. Take this left for about a mile and a half. The paved road switches briefly to gravel then back to paved. On the right just before a bridge is an obvious parking area with a fence and an info booth. The trail to Toms Creek Falls begins here. The trail itself is fairly wide and in good shape, with a slight ascent most of the way but nothing difficult. In about .4 miles you will arrive. It seems to jump out of nowhere.


This is along a route that many use to get to a number of places, from Mount Mitchell, Craggy Gardens, Crabtree Falls, Linville Falls, Roan Mountain, and Grandfather Mountain to name a few. I was really surprised to see a waterfall here, as it just did not seem to be the right terrain for it. What a cool surprise and a new place to visit in this already attractions heavy area.




Author: waterfallshiker

I gave up the video game playing, TV watching lifestyle years back now. There just had to be more to life. I discovered a love for waterfalls on Christmas day 2008, at Elk River Falls in Elk Park NC. While not initially realizing it, this opened a whole new world, and lifestyle for me. I now love to spend my free time, hiking to waterfalls, and mountain tops in search of pristine views. This has also led me to a love of photography and blogging. While i am still not an expert at either several years in to this, I love the challenges that both offer me. I see my skills getting better at both as time goes by. Sharing what I see via social media brings me great joy. I love the feedback, good and bad. I love to see what others are able to show as well. I created my blog "WaterfallsHiker", originally to just help myself keep up with my travels, not really with any real purpose in mind. After 2 years on this blog, I see that It has evolved into a combination of an information site, and a place to show off my progress as an amateur photographer. I try to do it all and include some bits of my personality as well. It is something I really enjoy doing. When I am not working on this hobby, I can be found on a golf course, spending time with my beautiful fiance and her daughter, or working my 40 hours a week at Costco.

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