Pearson’s Falls


Pearson's Falls by waterfallshiker
Pearson’s Falls, a photo by waterfallshiker on Flickr.

Today was a first!! The first time I have paid to see a waterfall! Pearson’s Falls,which has made the covers of waterfall books, has been privately owned and maintained by Tryon Garden Club since 1931. The waterfall itself, is 90 feet and absolutely gorgeous. The trail getting there is about 1/4 mile long, and could be called moderate by some. It is well maintained though, with wood fencing along the side, rock stairways, and old rock bridges accenting its beauty. This area has history as well, there are still some remnants of an old dam built on the creek from the 1800’s. There are also a few picnic places and even a love seat placed just to the side of the falls for that special someone!

Getting there by car can be an adventure if you let it. With all of the gps technology out now, just look for Saluda, NC, exit 59 off of I-26, and Pearson’s Falls Rd on your unit or smart phone. You will access Pearson’s Falls Rd from US176, the catch is it is a loop. It starts on top of the mountain as a dirt road, and ends way down below on US 176 as a paved double yellow lined road. The bottom, paved way is the way you want to go, trust me. Learn from my mistakes. The top way, you must drive down the mountain on a tight winding dirt road that is big enough for 1 car. Top that off a tunnel a football field size tunnel that the dirt road goes under, and you have the makings for a nightmare. It is only big enough for 1 car at a time. In short, Use 176 to go down the mountain, turn on the paved Pearson’s Falls Rd for a mile and you are there.
Admission here is $5 for adults and $1 for kids, under 6 free. Summer hours are Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. Also close by this area are Big and Little Bradley Falls, which mother nature’s electrical light show prevented me from seeing. Pearson’s Falls was the first waterfall I have paid to see, but the way they have maintained it, I would say it was worth it.

Here are some additional shots from the trail.





Author: waterfallshiker

I gave up the video game playing, TV watching lifestyle years back now. There just had to be more to life. I discovered a love for waterfalls on Christmas day 2008, at Elk River Falls in Elk Park NC. While not initially realizing it, this opened a whole new world, and lifestyle for me. I now love to spend my free time, hiking to waterfalls, and mountain tops in search of pristine views. This has also led me to a love of photography and blogging. While i am still not an expert at either several years in to this, I love the challenges that both offer me. I see my skills getting better at both as time goes by. Sharing what I see via social media brings me great joy. I love the feedback, good and bad. I love to see what others are able to show as well. I created my blog "WaterfallsHiker", originally to just help myself keep up with my travels, not really with any real purpose in mind. After 2 years on this blog, I see that It has evolved into a combination of an information site, and a place to show off my progress as an amateur photographer. I try to do it all and include some bits of my personality as well. It is something I really enjoy doing. When I am not working on this hobby, I can be found on a golf course, spending time with my beautiful fiance and her daughter, or working my 40 hours a week at Costco.

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