Karl Wallenda Tower

photoKarl Wallenda Tower RemainsBridal Veil Falls - Ga

Karl Wallenda Tower, a set on Flickr.

While hiking to the top of the Tallulah Gorge on the North Rim, you will walk past an old, rusty tower. My first thoughts were, “How Trashy”. When you get a little closer and read the sign, these are the remains of the towers that held the wire for Karl Wallenda to walk across the Gorge back in 1970. After just watching his grandson George Wallenda do his spectacular walk across Niagra Falls last week, this was a pretty cool piece of history to stumble up on. The other tower can be found along the South Rim Trail, probably rusting away as well. The waterfall in the pictures is Oceana Falls. I included them because this was the location and to give an idea of how far up Karl was when he did this. The sign said that during the walk, he did 2 headstands…..Crazy!!,

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