Hurricane Falls

Hurricane Falls by waterfallshiker
Hurricane Falls, a photo by waterfallshiker on Flickr.

Took my first steps into Tallulah Gorge on Fathers Day! What a beautiful place! At least 5 waterfalls and a very, very deep gorge. They say Linville Gorge is the deepest in the east, I am not sure after this place. It can not be by much. Anyway, the highlight waterfall is Hurricane Falls, which stands about 95 feet. From the North Rim Trail, plan on descending 531 steps to the bottom, as well as crossing a beautiful swinging bridge over the river. The problem is that you must climb those same 531 steps back out. Bring some water!!

If I had the Gorge Pass (they only give out 100 a day), I could get a more direct shot. Next time for sure….

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