Emma and Wego visit Hanging Rock Waterfalls

Sugar rush, before the hike!!LearningShort Hike to the DenMommy, the Laurel are in full bloom!Just for K!!Standoff
Tory's FallsE finds a nice spot!Tory's DenTory's DenInside the DenShe is growing!
Another break??.Come on....... let's go!Lower CascadesLower CascadesLower CascadesE says "this is my waterfall"
I'm the queen of the world!!!Quick shot of Wego and I at Lower CascadesE at Upper CascadesE saying "take a picture now"E goes into the Upper CascadesBig balanced rock in the "Rock Garden"

A short hike of 2 1/2 miles round trip to see 3 of the 5 named waterfalls at Hanging Rock State Park. It was a perfect morning for the hike. It was also the new puppy Wego’s first hike. It also was no easy task pulling Emma away from Saturday morning cartoons.

The hike was totally fun, a different experience from most of my solo hikes. I really wanted them to see all 5 named waterfalls but the puppy just got pooped out and almost couldn’t walk another step!

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