Dupont Forest – NC Waterfalls 101

Dupont Forest is to me what is best described as “NC Land of the Waterfalls 101”.  I am often asked by friends, co-workers, and family/extended family members where a good place would be to go see some waterfalls.   My answer is almost always Dupont Forest.  I have seen quite a few waterfalls in NC.  No other place combines the perfect combination of large, unique waterfalls (3 of them all within 1.5 miles of eachother) ,  and close proximity to a town (Brevard), along with what is very easy hiking conditions for the mountains.  These river waterfalls here are the type that one can get up close and personal with.  While there are 3 waterfalls within a close range, there is a 4th one about 2 miles or so up stream from High Falls. All 4 can be accessed all the way up to the base.  There are a few other waterfalls on a tributary stream, known as Grassy Creek Falls and Wintergreen Falls but I was not able to get to those on this hike.  This hike was inspired by the way by  recently watching “The Hunger Games”.  It turns out that this film was filmed largely in North Carolina, including Dupont Forest.  I was able to recognize Bridal Veil Falls and Triple Falls in the movie.   Thank goodness there were no canon BOOMS during our hike.  We also did not run into any tracker jackers.  If ya want to know what that means, see the flick!!

All the other numerous times I have been here, I always parked at the Hooker Falls Parking area.  This area allows a short 0.3 flat hike to Hooker Falls, then after crossing the road, a 0.5 mile hike to Triple Falls, and another 0.6 miles to High Falls.  This time, I parked in a new parking area, the Buck Forest Road parking area.  This area actually has restrooms, and puts your access to the Little River at the Covered Bridge on top of High Falls.  From here you can go left to see High, Triple and Hooker Falls, or cross the bridge, turn right to see Bridal Veil Falls.  1st stop today was Bridal Veil….

This is about the only way to shoot the entire waterfall, it is truly unique.

After a short hike down hill and some simple maneuvering of a few large boulders and roots, you come to this view!

A look to the right shows how large of an area this slide covers.  This rock out on this waterfall just may be one of my favorite places on earth.  It is easy to sit down, look around, enjoy the sound and before you know it, an hour has passed by.  After awhile it is time to head up, this waterfall has more to offer.  In normal conditions, the left side of the river has a large dry exposed rock face.  It is usually safe to walk up this, be careful of the trickles of water in places, slippery rocks can be treacherous.  Once up the hill, the river will runs along the bedrock for a short ways, then up to the upper part of the falls, a 10 foot freefall.

The bedrock and 10 feet or so freefall.

This waterfall has a special little treat waiting behind it.  In the 1990’s, “Last of The Mohicans” was filmed here and featured extensive scenes of this waterfall, including walking behind it.  If you enter on the left side, you will get a tad wet going in, but you will be able to walk under the falls to the other side.  Be extremely careful up here.  Please do not attempt to cross the river any place up here other than behind the falls.   The swift current will sweep you right away.    Once on the other side, you have some other cool views.

Eventually I will learn how to use my camera and get this shot right……

After this , it is time to head back towards the covered bridge.  Once back, there is an important decision to make.  Are you tired and ready to go home? Or do you have 2-3 miles left in you?  If so, take an immediate right after crossing the bridge towards the High Falls veiwing area.  This will be above the river, but a very nice and direct shot.

This is easily a 125 foot waterfall. It is very impressive.  Look at the people way down there at the base, it helps show the size of this beauty.  There was a side trail last year that led to the base, where the view is incredible.  This year, it is closed off and you have to walk much further to get to the bottom, not on this day though. From here it is about 0.5 mile down to Triple Falls.

Triple Falls, is just like it the name says, three falls in one.  Two that are 25 feet or so and the bottom one is a tad larger at 45 feet.  There is a nice viewing area along the path for these falls, also there are steps that lead down to the middle waterfall.  Here, there is a lot of dry rock to walk around on and get up close with this gem.

As you leave Triple Falls, the trail drops sharply for a short distance, then flattens out and heads for the Hooker Falls parking area.  After crossing Staton Road and walking through the parking lot, the short and flat trail to Hooker Falls begins.  It follows on the right side of the Little River for about 0.3 miles, then opens up to what has to be one of the most beautiful 10 foot waterfalls around.

Here is Hooker Falls from the side, the first view seen.  After this view, the trail goes down, and circles back to the falls and large swimming hole.

Hooker Falls was also featured in “Last of The Mohicans”.  In the movie, the groups take canoes over the falls.  That had to be something.

This large pool is a popular swimming hole in the summer.  After Hooker Falls, the river makes its way into Cascade Lake and the waterfall tour of the Little River is over.  After returning to the Hooker Fall parking area, you can either head back up trail to the covered bridge, or you can also walk up Staton Road about 1/2 mile.  You can also do what I did, have your girlfriend, who loves Bridal Veil Falls, take the car back to Hooker Falls and meet you there.

I ended up hiking 7.3 miles on this day, and totally enjoyed the four waterfalls.  I spent less time on High and Triple falls, as I have focused on those more in the past.  They are all special and totally different from eachother.  After bringing people here, I find great pleasure just watching how much people like it.  It is only the tip of the iceberg out here as there are many more waiting.  There are waterfalls out here bigger and better than the ones here , but few will be in such a concentrated area, with such easy hiking conditions.

In the slideshow below are the photos above and some others taken along the Hike.  The lake photo is of Lake Julia.

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2 thoughts on “Dupont Forest – NC Waterfalls 101”

  1. Nice slide show. U really know your stuff. The covered bridge would be nice to see, since there is not a lot left.
    It’s nice that your girlfriend would drive to pick u up. She’s a keeper. Ha ha
    I think u do a great job taking pixs with your fancy camera. I did understand what was wrong with that one pix u made a comment on u r doing a great job. Happy waterfall trails! P

  2. Thanks Penny! This was one of those beautiful, sunny days. The brightness, while appealing to the eye, is not a photographer’s friend usually. I certainly am not saying I am one, but it is a fun hobby. For the kind of pictures I was seeking here, I need a cloudy day i believe, but being 180 miles away, you just have to work with what you have when you go.

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