The “Waterfallmobile” Rides Again


I have been sidelined for a few weeks now. My beloved Accord, or the “Waterfallmobile” began crying for help. It seems this spring and summer have been hard on it. Lots of falls, many a trail this ride has delivered me to, never with a complaint. Not even the steep winding dirt roads, that some of my state’s more elusive attractions require navigating to could slow it down. But… the day came when it said …..enough!! It seems my travels prematurely wore the tires down and they needed replacing, immediately. Unfortunately my car requires a size that is rather costly! Read more

Mingo Falls

Mingo Falls (Lower Portion)Winding Staircase to Mingo FallsMingo FallsMingo Falls

Mingo Falls, a set on Flickr.

On the way to the Tallulah Gorge, I made a short detour to Cherokee to see and photograph Mingo Falls again. I was there 2 weeks ago and was not happy at all with my photo results. This is a beautiful waterfall standing over 200 feet high! It is a short hike, straight up many steps, but well worth is. It is one of the most beautiful ones NC has to offer I believe, but not the easiest one to photograph with the challenges the light provides.