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Hello, I am Chris Berrier, just an average guy living in the triad region in western central NC. I have spent most of my life here and have always loved the mountains, peaks, valleys, and waterfalls that lie just to my north, south and mainly west. As I took up hiking in 2008 as a way to lose weight, waterfalls became my main source to focus on for new hiking trails. The closest state parks to me are Hanging Rock State Park, Stone Mountain State Park, Pilot Mountain State Park, and South Mountains State Park. These were an excellent way for me to begin hiking to the peaks and somewhat smaller waterfalls that are offered. I now seek the bigger, more elusive ones further west in the higher elevations. A beautiful waterfall at the end of a hike is always wonderful motivation to just get out and do it. As the years have gone by, I have also picked up photography and blogging as hobbies as a way to recreate & share what I have seen , felt and experienced with others. I love the challenge that each adds to my life and have also found a great community of others that enjoy the same type of experiences. Please read, enjoy my blogs, photos, and stories of my experiences as I continue to get out, enjoy life, see new waterfalls and share them with others.

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