Blue Hole Falls – A Very Unique and Special Waterfall Setting


I have recently completed my 2nd day trip to Elk Park, N.C. and Elk Mills, Tn. to hike and view the two magnificent waterfalls on the Elk River. The two waterfalls are only 4 miles apart by river, but there is no trail that connects these that I have been made aware of. Read more

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole…the name itself is intriguing enough to catch my interest.  When I learned that it was the name of a waterfall in NE Tennessee, I had put it on my list of waterfalls to seek out this year.  This past weekend, I just happened to find myself staying in a cabin in NE Tennessee, about 30 minutes from the Blue Hole, so this became our destination for a Saturday afternoon hike.  The location is in the Stony Creek area, a smaller  town just outside of Elizabethton, TN.  After a pretty ride up State Highway 91 and a short drive up Panhandle Rd, we were there.  It turns out that it wasn’t much of a hike, maybe a 1/2 round trip total at most.

The Blue Hole is not a single waterfall, but  actually a series of 4 waterfalls. All 4 of them are small, but certainly not lacking character.  Some recent rains also had the water levels at a decent level.  It was a good day to be here.  The hike is just a short scramble down a fairly steep hill.  There are some interesting steps built for assistance here, they are quite steep though.  Once down the hill, falls 2, 3, and 4 are all very close to one another.  I am guessing that it is falls #3 that gives the blue hole its name as it creates a fairly large pool with a greenish/blue…color.  It is gorgeous little waterfall and yet another reminder that a waterfall does not have to be large to be spectacular.  Just upstream from #3 is #2, which some might consider 1 waterfall, but they have separate pools and drops with enough stream separating them for me.

Blue Hole #2 is very nice as well.  It can only be heard from the trail as you must enter a small opening to view the large hole cut out by the stream over the years .  Being inside of this and outside on Blue Hole #3 gives these two waterfalls very different feels and both are very photogenic.  Notice the cup on the left side.  I am sorry to report that trash is a problem at this location.  It appears the locals like to come to this area, drink and throw their garbage everywhere.  It is a shame as this is a special area.  I have some choice words for people like this that I will use my better judgement and leave off of the blog.

Blue Hole #1 gets things here started off nicely!

Interesting Stairs to Falls