High Falls in DuPont State Forest 

High Falls
I haven’t been to DuPont State Forest in several years now.  It is a great place, with some wonderful waterfalls.  These waterfalls are some of the very early ones visited that really planted the “Waterfall Chasing” seed in me.  However, due to its ease of access, numerous trails, numerous waterfalls varying in size and shape, and  exposure in movies like “The Last Mohican”, and “Hunger Games”, ithas  become insanely popular.  Large new gravel parking lots have been constructed to handle the increase in visitors.  The sides of Staton Rd could no longer hold the overflow parking from the Hooker Falls parking area.  Tours of the waterfalls of DuPont are now shuttled in and out by school buses at select times of the year.  DuPont State Forest truly has become one of North Carolina’s top attractions.   While I am glad to see this location get the love it truly deserves, there is a part of me left sad.  Sad that I can no longer visit this place without hundreds of others.  That is just not what it’s about for me.  I have for the most part just focused on other waterfalls, leaving these for the masses.  

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