Setrock Creek Falls – June Quick Hike

For prints, please click here: Setrock Creek Falls - Fine Art America .    I visited Setrock Creek Falls recently, on the same deary day that I visited Roaring Fork Falls. These 2 waterfalls are usually always visited together as they are both off the same turnoff from NC Hwy 80. While Setrock Creek Falls is considerably... Continue Reading →


Hiking Trails: GRASSY CREEK FALLS, Little Switzerland

Here is a great recent trip report to Grassy Creek Falls on Blue Ridge NC Guide!

Blue Ridge NC Guide

Hidden away on private property in Little Switzerland is this jewel of a waterfall, Grassy Creek Falls. This trail is a bit interesting because unlike many of the other waterfalls trails in the area that are maintained by the NPS, the majority of the trail to see these falls is a private street, and there’s no real viewing platform at the bottom of the trail.

The trailhead itself is very easy to find. The road is helpfully named Grassy Creek Falls Road, and there is a sign at the beginning of the road indicating where you may park and how far down you are allowed to park. From here, you’re on your feet.

Parking area signpost at Grassy Creek Falls Parking area signpost at Grassy Creek Falls

The first part of Grassy Creek Falls Trail is a wide gravel road with a very light downward slope. You’ll walk by private residences on one side and hear the…

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Glen Burney Falls & Trail

   What a day for a hike along New Years Creek!  I have been here several times prior to this visit with very little to show for it.  It was too bright one visit.  The water was too low another visit.  The first time I hiked the Glen Burney Trail, I had only an iPhone... Continue Reading →

Roaring Fork Falls – A Dreary June Hike

A Dreary Day at Roaring Fork Falls? Doesn't sound very enticing..does it?. It was a foggy, damp, and cool day for June in the Pisgah National Forest at the base of Mount Mitchell.  The temperature on my car was a blazing 56 degrees at the parking area. It wasn't exactly "swimming" weather.  It wasn't raining... Continue Reading →

Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

   Wild & Wonderful West Virginia...really sounds like a great place, and it is.  West Virginia is loaded with waterfalls. I do not know why until this point, I have only made 1 visit into this area.   From my location in west-central North Carolina, the waterfalls of West Virginia are the same distance, is... Continue Reading →

Virginia Hawkins Falls 

   I finally found my way to Virginia Hawkins Falls in late April 2015.  I feel kind of silly for it taking so long, especially seeing how many times I have driven right past it.  It is a beautiful 25 foot waterfall that seems more difficult to reach than it really is.  From the trailhead,... Continue Reading →

Falling Springs Falls

Waterfalls Hiker


I’ve been taking some time this summer to visit our neighboring state to the north, Virginia. It does just happen to be my birth state. One thing I have noticed about Virginia, is that waterfalls seem to be…somewhat less abundant than in my home state of North Carolina, and in Tennessee. I have now found my way to 6 up here, and they have been most impressive. I have been to the Cascade Falls several times, and absolutely love it. I also have made one trip to the Crabtree Falls in Virginia, and really enjoyed the hike to the top of the many smaller cascades that make up this large waterfall area. Some other trips into Virginia included hikes to Cobweb Falls, Little Stony Falls and the Waterfall on Logan Creek. My latest trek took me well up into the Alleghany Highlands. This is a land rich in history, and…

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