Mill Creek Falls

I’ve been coming to West Virginia and exploring their Waterfalls for several years now, including numerous trips into the New River Gorge. I knew Mill Creek Falls was here, but stopping by this one just had not happened yet and I don’t know why. It took a friend from the Netherlands to plan it on his waterfall planner for me to get to it and see it. I am sure glad he did…Thanks Merijn! After our first hike to the Falls of Hills Creek about an hour and a half away, Mill Creek was next. We worked our way over to Ansted, WV, taking US 60 west from US 19. In Ansted, we turned left down Hawks Nest Rd, went through a small residential area, and came to a large parking area next to a Creek. We parked next to an old building next to a small creek. From here, we followed the dirt road down the hill, crossed the creek and continued alongside it. We came to a trailhead that turned out to be the Ansted Rail-Trail. It was closed to traffic and soon we were walking onto a long curved boardwalk that was built onto the remains of the old railroad. I thought this use of old, decommissioned resources for a modern day purpose was a really nice touch . As I later learned, this Rail-Trail leads about 2 miles to Hawks Nest State Park. The railroad bridge just led across the wide Mill Creek Gorge, then the railroad grade trail took over. From this bridge, there were some nice views of Mill Creek downstream, and even some bonus waterfall action upstream. The creek we followed down to Mill Creek made a nice last statement. I learned this to be Westlake Creek Falls. Also, looking up Mill Creek was a small 10 ft waterfall in the side of the creek. I don’t know this one to have a name. I will refer to it as Upper Mill Creek Falls. After what turned out to be a short walk down the level trail, we came up to the Mill Creek Falls. We were able to get out on the rocks for a view and some camera shots, but I have to say, I wasn’t impressed with the photos. We just didn’t have the right perspective. oWe did the best we could. I walked downstream a little ways, looking for a place so that we could work our way down to the base. There just was no place to get down. However…there was a guy on the other side of the waterfall fishing. I began eyeing the other side. There was a large beach at the bottom on the other side and I was able to spot a potential way down. So, we walked back, then simply drove down Hawks Nest Rd to the waterfall and pulled over to a very tight parking area. The walk down was tough but totally doable. Our photos really improved, once down here at the base. The water was high, the lighting was good, and the only really challenge we had was some off and on drizzle getting on the lens. We both tried numerous different views, angles and came up with some nice shots I believe, This was a shot from the trail taken down to the base.We were able to really slow the shutter speed down for these photos. I was taking like 13 second photos at this point. Mill Creek is only 20 feet high. When the water levels drop, the middle section quits flowing and it is a split set of falls. I happen to prefer it just the way we were able to view it. Merijn enjoyed this waterfall as well from what I could tell. All in all, exploring both sides of this waterfall, we spent close to 3 hours at this one. It was nice! I would like to thank Merijn for putting this one on our list to visit. If it wasn’t for him, who knows how long it might have been before I visited this beauty!

Here is a short video taken while at the base:

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  1. Looks like a great time. I wish I lived closer in order to get to these falls. Really enjoy reading about your adventures. Thanks, Reid

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