Cummins Falls State Park

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Cummins Falls is one of Tennessee’s most popular and scenic waterfalls. It has been on my radar since I took an extended waterfall trip into Tennessee in 2015. I did not visit Cummins Falls then, but when I realized how close I was to it at one point, I really felt that I let an opportunity slip. Living about 5 hours away, I will not get the chance to see this one often. So, as I planned a weekend trip in January 2018, after a short trip to Ozone Falls on the Friday of arrival, Cummins Falls was Waterfall #1 on my Saturday that would be filled with many beautiful Tennessee waterfalls.

Cummins Falls State Park is located just to the north and slightly west of Cookeville, Tennessee. I have attached a google map to show and help others locate if they choose to visit. It would be a little difficult to describe the trip as I found myself on many different roads taking many turns once leaving Interstate 40. Once there, I found the place all to myself. This seemed odd, as every photo and video I have watched of this place has it nearly jammed packed with people. However, it was a cold Saturday morning, still very early, and not ideal conditions for the many folks that enjoy getting in the water here.

From the parking area, I took the Falls Overlook Trail, which was fairly flat and short, around 1/2 mile. It came to a pretty decent Overlook of the entire Falls, although somewhat distant. After getting out and taking some photos, a decision had to be made: to make the trip to the base or not. The trail headed downstream then down to river level, then supposedly upstream to the base. Doing this dryly is not an option from what I read. Being a cold morning, and knowing the waterfall agenda I had for this day, I chose not to make the trip to the base. It was a beautiful waterfall though and I can definitely see why it draws so many people when conditions are better. I would like to get to the base one day, but it may be awhile before I can make it back. If you want to learn more about Cummins Falls State Park, here is a link to the official site: Cummins Falls State Park.


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