Yellow Creek Falls

Yellow Creek Falls has been on my list for about a year now.  It’s one of those waterfalls that is so far from any of the hot spots I regularly visit, that the chances of ever just stopping by on a trip are very remote.  It’s going to take a planned trip to this on.  I was already on a mission like this on a day late in June.  I had just finished up with my first visit to Rufus Morgan Falls. Yellow Creek Falls was second on my list.  As far west as I already was at Rufus Morgan, I found it odd that Yellow Creek Falls was another hour and twenty minutes away.  The plan was to visit Yellow Creek Falls and then head into Tennessee for the night.  

Once I got to Robbinsville, which was a very nice small town, I had trouble picking up any radio stations.  I have never seen that before. I made my way around Lake Santeetlah, following US 129 north out of town.  The highway follows the Cheoah River which was flowing very nice with some impressive rapids visible along the drive.  About 11 miles out of town, the pull off for Yellow Creek Falls is on the right at the spot where Yellow Creek meets the Cheoah River.As I checked out the nice info sign placed for this trailhead, I realized that this waterfall is on private property.  The sign explains how different landowners are working with certain groups to make access available to us to see these beautiful Falls.  I just want to say that I really appreciate the efforts made so that we can enjoy these waterfalls and the hikes to them.  I also noticed that this was only a 0.3 mile hike to the Falls.  The trail was a fun hike with some nice bridges and steps to make it easier and safer.  There are also numerous small waterfalls and large rapids. It was very scenic.  When the trail ends, it brings you right out to a large rock just downstream from the main Yellow Creek Falls, river side right.  I am not sure if any more exploring is possible here, but on this da, the water was so high, there was no other option but to stay on the rock. It was a great view though.  The main drop followed by several smaller drops….Yellow Creek Falls was beautiful!

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Pixels / Fine Art America Yellow Creek Falls
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