Lee Falls -Watch For The Left Turn

Lee Falls, in NW South Carolina was once called the most scenic waterfall in Oconee County.  I have seen quite a few waterfalls in this very large county. I am not certain that it was the most scenic, but it sure was very nice.  It’s a very nice 1.5 mile one way hike that is not too bad….as long as you make the left turn.  I did not, which made my hike much more interesting than it needed to be.  The first challenge finding the the trailhead.  Continue reading “Lee Falls -Watch For The Left Turn”


Little Lost Cove Creek Falls and a Daffodil Surprise

 Little Lost Cove Creek Falls is actually a set of falls, the Upper and Lower,  located in  a remote section of the Pisgah National Forest. They are on one of the tributary streams to Lost Cove Creek, which is a tributary stream of the much bigger Wilson Creek.  They  are generally mentioned in the group of waterfalls located in “Wilson Creek”. This loose term refers to a number of waterfalls scattered along feeder streams to Wilson Creek that are just south of Grandfather Mountain and on the opposite side of the ridge just east of the Linville  Gorge.  It’s really a fascinating area in whole, that is dominated by tight, twisty dirt roads that require slow and careful navigation.  Continue reading “Little Lost Cove Creek Falls and a Daffodil Surprise”