The Long Road To Bald River Falls, Baby Falls, and Some Bush Beans On The Side

  Bald River Falls has been high on my list of “waterfalls to see” for some time now.  This 90 foot high waterfall on a large volume stream has a very unique, defined look and has been calling my name.  I’ve also known that this is a roadside waterfall.  So what in the world has taken me so long to find my way here?  The drive…simply put.  Bald River Fall sits in southeastern Tennessee near a town called Tellico Plains.  With me coming from central North Carolina, the drive to get here is over 5 1/2 hours.  This is enough time for me to drive to Atlanta and have dinner as well.  What gives?  It’s all about those Great Smoky Mountains.  There are 2 ways for me to make it here: Drive up, over, and around the Great Smokies well into Tennessee, and arrive at Bald River Falls from the west. The other option is to shave a ton of miles off and drive a more direct route through and over the Smokies.  The rough terrain though makes this much shorter route nearly the same amount of time as the long way.  Obviously I needed to plan this out, stay a night, and take my time and enjoy this area.   Continue reading “The Long Road To Bald River Falls, Baby Falls, and Some Bush Beans On The Side”


The Dills…Dill Falls & Upper Dill Falls


The popularity of the waterfalls along or close to NC Hwy 215 has grown tremendously over the last decade.  The stretch of highway 215 between US 64 near Rosman, and the intersection with the Blue Ridge Parkway is famous for the waterfalls at the Living Waters Ministries, Courthouse Falls, and the somewhat lesser known Dills.  There are also a good number of waterfalls north of the Blue Ridge Parkway on or near NC 215, but this article will be all about the Dills.  The Dills are the waterfalls closest to the Blue Ridge Parkway (between the BRP south to U.S. 64), and also the easiest to drive right past and totally miss.  Continue reading “The Dills…Dill Falls & Upper Dill Falls”

Cedar Rock Falls – A Beautiful Yet Painful Waterfall Hike

It had been a wonderful July waterfall weekend.  After a month since my last waterfall visit, I was eager to get out this weekend and see all that I could.  For the last waterfall on Sunday afternoon, I chose to visit Cedar Rock Falls as I was making my way through Brevard, NC.   Cedar Rock Falls is a 20 foot waterfall that lies just off the Cat Gap Loop Trail in the Pisgah National Forest.  It is fairly close to Looking Glass Falls.  This is a waterfall that I had yet to see and is also one listed on Carolina Moutain Club’s Waterfall 100 challenge.  I could have….and probably should have just drove through Brevard and headed home, but the close location and the nice afternoon cloud cover that had developed convinced me to see one more.   Continue reading “Cedar Rock Falls – A Beautiful Yet Painful Waterfall Hike”