Johns Jump & D.E.W. Falls 3/30/15


What to do with a bright sunny day?  As I have made more and more progress in my photography, I find myself avoiding beautiful sunny days to go out hiking, more and more.  Early on, it was the only kind of day that I wanted to go out on.  Now, I find myself looking at 10 day forecasts, searching for the cloudy days where the rain chance is minimal.  These are the days I fully expect to get some opportunities for good pictures.  Sunny days…are now left for exploring new waterfalls. Continue reading “Johns Jump & D.E.W. Falls 3/30/15”


The Wonderful Waterfalls of the Elk River

Just reminiscing some older Elk River memories. I need to head back to Compression Falls to get better photos and to finally see Twisting Falls.

Waterfalls Hiker


This past Saturday, I took time to revisit the river where my love for waterfalls began. This meant a trip to the North Carolina-Tennessee state line area, just south and west of Boone, NC. This was a visit to the Elk River. About 6 or 7 years ago, while visiting family in Newland, NC for Christmas, 2 of my younger cousins had a wonderful idea. It just happened to be a warm spell in Newland and the temperature on Christmas day was 50 degrees, a heat wave for Newland. I was asked if I wanted to ride to see a waterfall….my answer was…why not??

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Elk Falls to Jones Falls – The Return …3 Years Later

It’s hard to believe that it has been 3 years since I made my first trip to Jones Falls in extreme eastern Tennessee. I first visited here in February of 2012 after reading some interesting blogs about other waterfall opportunities that existed right there starting at Elk Falls, in Elk Park, NC. Continue reading “Elk Falls to Jones Falls – The Return …3 Years Later”

Upper Little Stony Falls

Upper Little Stony Falls
Shame on me…I am about to let the seasons change without sharing one of my favorite new waterfalls visited this winter. Between hiking trips, working some overtime, ACC basketball, and trying to learn more about using Lightroom and Photoshop, I have gotten somewhat behind on keeping up with my blogs. Now that ice waterfalls season is all but over, and waiting for the green of spring to arrive, I will have a little time to catch up. Continue reading “Upper Little Stony Falls”

Ice Falls Day Trip 2015

I nearly missed this opportunity!  As we suffered through one of the coldest periods in recent memory, wonderful photos of normal waterfalls transformed into unique ice sculptures, carved only by the fastest of the moving waters began to show on Social Media everywhere.  I had a Sunday all set up to get out into the far southwest NC, and a rough list of 10-12 waterfalls that I planned to visit. Continue reading “Ice Falls Day Trip 2015”