Reedy River Falls – Falls Park


I was on my way to South Carolina this last weekend of 2014, on my way to the Walhalla area to see some waterfalls just north of town. This requires me to go through the beautiful city of Greenville, SC. I have spent some time here in the past on some work related projects. I never knew that there was a large, beautiful waterfall on the Reedy River right in the center of town. I must admit that I really wasn’t searching for them at that stage in my life either. I learned of this particular waterfall from viewing photos online, from some other waterfall seekers. While the idea of a waterfall in downtown Greenville doesn’t necessarily excite me, I was going to be driving right by it today. It was just a short detour from the interstate so I said “Why Not?” Continue reading “Reedy River Falls – Falls Park”


Cobweb Falls – Private Property


UPDATE….6/25/15, Cobweb Falls is either on or surrounded by private property!  I have removed the directions per request of property owners near Cobweb Falls.  The World of Waterfalls Data Base now has this waterfall listed as private as well:  I am not certain that it is on private property or if private property is crossed to get there.  Whichever the case is, the locals are not happy.  The increased traffic and parking along the small road and the trash being left there by some disrespectful visitors that do not reflect the intentions of most of us that simply love hiking to and seeing waterfalls of all different shapes and sizes have lead up to this.  It’s a shame, because Cobweb Falls or Big Creek Falls as it officially known as, is one of the neatest, unique waterfalls I have come across.  Hopefully a little time will sort things out.  If it is not on private property, then a plan for better visitor accessibility needs to be drawn up.  If it is, then we must move on and look for waterfalls elsewhere.  Either way, I wouldn’t plan on seeing this one again any time soon.  I have kept the details from the hike on here minus the road names and directions.   Continue reading “Cobweb Falls – Private Property”

Raven Rock Falls – Jewel of the Upper Toxaway


I have had Raven Rock Falls on my list for quite some time now. Accessed off of Cold Mountain Road (which runs from NC281, around Lake Toxaway, then up..towards Panthertown Valley), the first challenge is finding where to stop along this steep, winding Cold Mountain Rd, which fortunately is paved. I read from a very trustworthy site, NCWaterfalls, to drive 4.7 miles from NC 281, and look for telephone poles, in particular the one marked “61”.

Continue reading “Raven Rock Falls – Jewel of the Upper Toxaway”