Catawba Falls – Construction Zone


It’s late November now and all the leaves have all fallen. The beautiful, brilliantly colored landscapes of a few weeks past have become a dull brown & gray, symbolic of winter. Thanks to some early season “Polar Vortex” action, it has also felt more like the middle of January. There won’t be many more waterfall hikes in 2014 for me. Looking back, I realized that I have not visited Catawba Falls this year. Being one of my favorites, this became today’s destination. This hike follows the mighty Catawba River way up near its headwaters. This river, really a creek at this stage is the same river seen for about the next 80 miles heading east along I-40, where it is channeling from lake to lake and getting much wider. Of course by this time, it has picked up tons of water from some notable mountain streams such as, the Linville River, the Johns River, and Wilson Creek to name a few.

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