Waterfall On The West Fork Of The Pigeon River


After visiting Graveyard Fields on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I usually head south to the Devils Courthouse, enjoy the view here, and head south on NC 215. This leads about 20 miles, mostly all down hill back to US 64 just outside of Brevard, NC. This passes at least 3 wonderful waterfall access points leading to Dill & Upper Dill Falls, Courthouse Falls, and the wonderful waterfalls at Living Waters, which has one of the best double waterfall scenes around. One of my goals taking this route is simply to get back to Asheville, via Brevard , to head home to the east. Continue reading “Waterfall On The West Fork Of The Pigeon River”


Fall Creek Falls – Mayo River State Park


With a little spare time on my hands this week, I decided to go check out a waterfall that I learned was due north of Greensboro, NC. I found this one while reading a blog post from Mark Caskie on his “Line of Cedars” blog:


This means that I will actually be driving east, the one direction that usually is not used in waterfall directions from my location. Mayo River State Park is one of North Carolina’s newest state parks. With a few picnic areas, 2 short hiking trails, and a small fishing pond, I have to say that I was not overwhelmed by the options or scenery, especially compared to Hanging Rock State Park, which sits a few miles to the west. They are however in their infancy, and I am sure that better things are to come. They are headed in the right direction, because now …… They have a waterfall!

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Trash Can Falls – aka Laurel Creek Falls 2014

It’s been nearly 2 years since I wrote my first blog about Trash Can Falls. Since then, it has been my most viewed blog entry month after month. It can be seen here: https://waterfallshiker.com/2012/08/05/trash-can-falls/.
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King Creek Falls, SC – Waterfalls Hiker’s 100th Waterfall

I have been anticipating my 100th waterfall and what it would be, as I got closer and closer. I had visions of being on a boat on the US/Canada border soaking in Niagra Falls for this milestone. Reality had different plans for me, and on a July Sunday in which I put myself in front of 3 new waterfalls, King Creek Falls in northern South Carolina became the 100th waterfall that I have made my way to.

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Eastatoe Falls – My First Look At A Beautiful, Private Waterfall

Eastatoe Falls was the first waterfall on my list for this mid July waterfall run. This is a great waterfall to plan on a day when visiting nearby Twin Falls in SC, or some of the waterfalls up on NC 215.  This one was to be different. I have seen a number of images of this gorgeous waterfall but was not sure how to see it. It is on private property.

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Twin Falls SC


One of my focuses of 2014 was to see more waterfalls that were “new to me”. Along with revisiting others and improving the existining photography, I want to expand my waterfall base. This mid July weekend was good, as I added 4 new waterfalls to my list. I would have to say that of the 4 new waterfalls, this one, Twin Falls goes down as my favorite.

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Graveyard Fields – Reopened and Improved!


Graveyard Fields has now been reopened after being closed for several months for some much needed “upgrades”. This is an extremely popular Blue Ridge Parkway destination, and just wasn’t designed for the amount of traffic it has become accustomed to in recent years. While I was in the area in mid July, I stopped by to see the changes for myself.

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