Take the Plunge: Area Swimming Holes Provide Relief From Heat – High Country Press

Looking for a list of swimming holes in the Boone, NC area to cool off? I found a nice list of some from an article in 2010. I would like to add that the directions to Hebron Colony Falls are no longer accurate. They now must be accessed from the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Julian Price Park area. Tickets will be issued if cars are parked using the old route.

Take the Plunge: Area Swimming Holes Provide Relief From Heat – High Country Press.


Trash Can Falls

Waterfalls Hiker


One of my planned stops on this August weekend was to see Trash Can Falls while in the Boone area. Trash Can Falls is a 15 foot waterfall, and a very popular swimming hole especially with the local Appalachian State University kids. Not all of the waterfall books or sites have this one listed. I have driven right past it a number of times without even knowing it was there.

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Dry Falls…A 3 Video Perspective

Dry Falls is just an amazing waterfall. How lucky are we in North Carolina that this unique, powerful 70 foot Cullasaja gem falls right next to US 64 and is super accessible for just about all? This would be a waterfall easily worth hiking 5-10 miles one way for. Continue reading “Dry Falls…A 3 Video Perspective”

A Lazy Day in Little Switzerland and Grassy Creek Falls

Grassy Creek Falls

I had it all planned out! A cloudy forecasted Saturday in the high country with showers around meant that I was going to get some wonderful photographs of waterfalls on this day. I headed west into the clouds with great anticipation.

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Soco Falls – Still Beautiful, Still Dangerous!!

Soco Falls

As I made my long drive into the southwest corner of NC in search of beautiful, soul soothing, picturesque waterfalls, I was soon reminded of a very dark reality. Waterfalls are dangerous places!!! Continue reading “Soco Falls – Still Beautiful, Still Dangerous!!”

Cullasaja Gorge: Cullasaja Falls

The Cullasaja River is a very short, yet enchanting River. Lake Sequoyah is a man-made lake near Highlands, in the far southwest corner of N.C., near the Georgia border. The lake, is fed by numerous smaller streams. They all leave Lake Sequoyah over a dam near U.S. 64, as the Cullasaja River. It wastes no time finding its way into the Cullasaja Gorge, where U.S. 64 tightly twists and turns its way along side it for 7.5 miles. As it levels out and leaves the gorge, it empties into the Little Tennessee River in Franklin, NC. This river begins and ends all in one NC county. Make no mistake, this short river makes a statement!

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