Hanging Rock State Park’s Waterfalls and the “Wall of Water”


As I continue to develop  my skills in photography, I have learned and accepted that I must look at rainy, gray days as opportunities…..good things. I am a sunny day hiker by habit, and enjoy being outdoors in good weather. The rainy days are usually spen…well, indoors. Because of the lighting challenges that sunny days present when photographing waterfalls, I have slowly, over time accepted the fact that I must get out on these gray days and take advantage….if I ever want to take better images.

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Waterfall on Steels Creek


Pothole City!! The two words that come to mind every time I hear or see this waterfall mentioned. Potholes are round shaped holes sometimes seen on streams that have rapid or turbulent water flowing over exposed bedrock. Over time, sediment collected at the bottom of the pools, or smaller rocks and soil, use the force of the rapidly moving water to “grind” these holes in the rock.

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Hiking Trail- BEACON HEIGHTS, Linville

Stopped by here on the last weekend in April! The views of Grandfather behind you and the wide range views looking down in the other direction were amazing. Great short hike!

Blue Ridge NC Guide

Beacon Heights is a short & sweet trail from the Blue Ridge Parkway near the Hwy 221/Grandfather Mountain entrance. Like Flat Rock, it’s a great trail for those without much experience. Park and cross the secondary road to get to the marked trailhead, and plunge into the woods. There’s a short connector trail from the parking lot to the intersection with the beginning of the Tanawha Trail. (Tanawha Trail meanders 13.5 miles from Beacon Heights to Price Park.) This is a great leg stretcher with gradual grades. It is an easy to moderate hike that slopes uphill. Like most trails, there are several roots and stones jutting out of the trail, but it’s easy to get around them. To get to the long-range views, go right at the first junction, which is well marked. When the trail splits again, bear left to stay on Beacon Heights trail. At the next…

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