Wintergreen Falls in Dupont Forest


I have made quite a few trips to Dupont State Forest to hike and see the wonderful waterfalls there. The 4 waterfalls of the Little River are the prime attraction here, and it is really hard for me to drive several hours and NOT visit them. However, there are more waterfalls to be found in Dupont. 2 of them can be found on a tributary stream named Grassy Creek. One is fairly close to High Falls on the Little River, Grassy Creek Falls. It can be accessed from the High Falls parking area. The other waterfall is on the other side of Dupont, the 20 foot Wintergreen Falls. I am not sure why I chose to see this one today. It is after all, just a 20 foot waterfall on a creek while the others are large waterfalls on a river. I guess I just got tired of having only visited 5 of the 6 waterfalls in Dupont. It was time to fill the void. I feel silly for waiting now as this was a beautiful waterfall and the hike to it was very pleasant. The large crowds the river waterfalls attract were not here.

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Pilot Mountain State Park, NC – Emma & Fire in March 2014


Capturing the attention and imagination of an 11 year old is not an easy task. Keeping it for any length of time is nearly impossible. These were my goals on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon in March. In a winter that has been defined by the prolonged brutal arctic cold blasts, an afternoon that is sunny and 75, must be taken advantage of. This meant that young Emma would NOT be spending this afternoon watching TV, playing games on the IPAD, or listening to One Direction. I remember her saying…”Do we have to go hiking”? Well, yes I said. Her mother wanted me to get her out and stretch her legs a bit. This was just what I intended to do. I disguised it a bit by bribing her with dinner at the local Dairi-O, a hot dog and ice cream joint that kids here go nuts for. I threw in the prospect for finding a geocache or two and she was game.

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