Harper Creek Falls & The Water Snake That Stole The Show   2 comments


After completing 2 memorable hikes the previous day to Hunt-Fish Falls and North Harper Creek Falls in the Wilson Creek Area, my fiancĂ© had a surprise for me. She was on her way from the triad with our 2 dogs and camping gear looking for a night of camping out in the hills and then to do some more hiking in Wilson Creek the next day. What more could a man ask for? Read the rest of this entry »

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North Harper Creek Falls 4/12/14 -A Beautiful Hike With A Sad Ending   Leave a comment


After a short rest and some water following my first hike to Hunt-Fish Falls, I proceeded a mile or so along FR 464 to the trailhead for trail 239 North Harper Creek Falls. This is a rather large parking area and is home to not only the 239 trailhead, but also the 271 trailhead for the climb to the Little Lost Cove Cliffs. This part comes into play later…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hunt-Fish Falls – Another Reason To Love The Wilson Creek Area   Leave a comment


Hunt-Fish Falls is one of the prettiest settings in the entire Wilson Creek Wilderness Area. The waterfall itself, just by itself will not “wow” factor most people. It is simply a combination of two eight drops going in different directions, with one being a waterfall and the other being more of a cascade. However, the entire scene is amazing! I could spend an entire day here.

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Wintergreen Falls in Dupont Forest   4 comments


I have made quite a few trips to Dupont State Forest to hike and see the wonderful waterfalls there. The 4 waterfalls of the Little River are the prime attraction here, and it is really hard for me to drive several hours and NOT visit them. However, there are more waterfalls to be found in Dupont. 2 of them can be found on a tributary stream named Grassy Creek. One is fairly close to High Falls on the Little River, Grassy Creek Falls. It can be accessed from the High Falls parking area. The other waterfall is on the other side of Dupont, the 20 foot Wintergreen Falls. I am not sure why I chose to see this one today. It is after all, just a 20 foot waterfall on a creek while the others are large waterfalls on a river. I guess I just got tired of having only visited 5 of the 6 waterfalls in Dupont. It was time to fill the void. I feel silly for waiting now as this was a beautiful waterfall and the hike to it was very pleasant. The large crowds the river waterfalls attract were not here.

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Pilot Mountain State Park, NC – Emma & Fire in March 2014   8 comments


Capturing the attention and imagination of an 11 year old is not an easy task. Keeping it for any length of time is nearly impossible. These were my goals on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon in March. In a winter that has been defined by the prolonged brutal arctic cold blasts, an afternoon that is sunny and 75, must be taken advantage of. This meant that young Emma would NOT be spending this afternoon watching TV, playing games on the IPAD, or listening to One Direction. I remember her saying…”Do we have to go hiking”? Well, yes I said. Her mother wanted me to get her out and stretch her legs a bit. This was just what I intended to do. I disguised it a bit by bribing her with dinner at the local Dairi-O, a hot dog and ice cream joint that kids here go nuts for. I threw in the prospect for finding a geocache or two and she was game.

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Waterfall List Up To 94   Leave a comment

Skinny Dip FallsCullasaja FallsRainbow FallsWaterfalls Park - Newland, NCHooker Falls
Waterfall #2 at The Blue HoleSilver Run FallsYellow Branch FallsHigh Falls in Dupont State Forest in very high waterLinville Falls - Plunge Basin ViewElk River Falls
Toms Creek FallsIMG_3068Compression Falls along Elk River just over the NC/State Line in TnThe CascadesThe Blue HoleDill Falls
First Visit to Courthouse FallsMoravian FallsUpper Catawba FallsUpper FallsHigh Shoals FallsRoaring Fork Falls

Waterfall List, a set on Flickr.

The list gets ever closer to my 2014 goal of 100 Waterfalls visited. New to the list are the 2 “Other” waterfalls in Dupont Forest, Wintergreen Falls, and Grassy Creek Falls.

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Little Bradley Falls   Leave a comment


Warm 60 degree days have been kept to a minimum so far this icy, cold winter of 2014. After 3-4 weeks of constant polar plunge waves of cold air, we finally caught a break this weekend. It won’t last long though as the biggest snowfall of the winter is only a few days away. While we have some sunshine and warmth, I made out like a bandit to see some waterfalls. My choice today was a new one for me, Little Bradley Falls.

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Dry Falls in January   Leave a comment


Dry Falls in SW North Carolina will always be one of my favorite waterfalls. I was a big fan of Dry Falls long before I ever started hiking to waterfalls.

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Roaring Fork Falls and the Return of the 2014 Polar Vortex w/video   Leave a comment


Here we go again…another shot of polar, arctic air sending temps into the single digits below 0 and wind chills in the -20′s. This pattern seems a little drawn out this January. However, if you pay attention to the weather, there are these short warm ups in between arctic shots. If timed out just right, one can get out fairly comfortably to enjoy the icy effects that this cold weather has on our local waterfalls. Read the rest of this entry »

Window Falls & Hidden Falls – A Nice Short Stroll Through Hanging Rock State Park Along The MST (w/videos)   Leave a comment


It’s a rare Monday off work in January. After a busy weekend hiking, and NFL playoff games, I was feeling a little lazy today. About noon, I decided to get out of the recliner and make sure this nice 50 degree day was not wasted. It’s a good thing that I live within a half hour drive of Hanging Rock State Park.

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