Courthouse Falls Winter Hike 2/14/15   1 comment


After spending an incredible afternoon viewing a photographing the Living Waters Waterfalls, I had time for maybe 1 more closeby waterfall before I had to head for home. I was only a few miles down the highway from where Forest Rd 140 met up with NC 215 at the Courthouse Creek Bridge. I had planned on driving right past it, assuming it would be closed like many other forest roads in winter. I was pleasantly surprised to see it open, and my 2nd trip to Courthouse Falls began. Read the rest of this entry »

Stone Mountain State Park Winter Hike   1 comment

Well, if the recent 60’s weren’t enough, today we hit the low 70’s, in February…Crazy! There was no way that I was not going to find a way to get out and enjoy this. My choice today was Stone Mountain State Park. Stone Mountain State Park is one of my favorite places to hike, especially during the week. The location is very close to the triad where I live. The park sits just at the edge of the Blue Ridge escarpment. The elevation at the summit is only 2305, and the temperatures here while a tad cooler than the triad, tend to be similar to that of lower elevations, which makes it a prime hiking spot in the winter. This park was one of the original places that I began hiking so it holds a special place with me. I can not think of another hike that offers more variety in it! Read the rest of this entry »

Ozone Falls   2 comments


If you ever find yourself traveling through east central Tennessee along I-40 and are itching to see just one awesome Tennessee waterfall, I have a perfect one for your consideration. Ozone Falls, is a very picturesque 110 foot waterfall with wide amphitheater like cliffs surrounding it on both sides. The water drops into a beautiful green pool. I read on the official website, that scenes from the “The Jungle Book” were filmed here. Even better, it is only 4 miles from I-40……with minimal hiking! It’s not officially a “roadside” waterfall, but it is the next best thing! Read the rest of this entry »

Epic Tennessee Waterfall Trip   7 comments

Burgess Falls

Burgess Falls

2015 has gotten off to a slow start for me. I am usually very busy in early January at my job, and this year was no exception. After going weeks without seeing a waterfall, living vicariously through the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts of others, I was dying to get out. On the weekend of Friday 1/23 and Saturday 1/24/15, I was able to do just that. I love the waterfalls of my home state of North Carolina. While I spent some additional time in 2014 exploring South Carolina and Virginia waterfalls, I have vowed to spend more time in 2015 to the Waterfalls of Tennessee. This will require more driving for me and most likely some overnight trips. Overnight Waterfall Road Trip….sounds great, I’m in!! Read the rest of this entry »

Mount Mitchell: Highest Peak East of the Rockies   Leave a comment


Here is an interesting way to the summit of Mount Mitchell! I have been planning to hike the trail that begins in the Black Mountains Campground….this route though, starts on NC 128 which is the hey that takes you to the top of Mount Mitchell from the BRP!!

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Mount Mitchell is located in North Carolina in the Black Mountain range. It is known as the highest peak east of the Mississippi at 6,683 feet, but is actually the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains. Think about it: To get to a mountain higher than Mount Mitchell, one would have to go to Colorado. This is what attracted me to make the hike. I’ve hiked in the Rockies. They’re majestic and beautiful. But, who wouldn’t want the experience and bragging rights of bagging Mount Mitchell? Especially since such a natural wonder is literally in my own backyard?

The Trailhead.

I hiked the Mountains To Sea Trail to the summit of Mitchell. Here are directions for finding the point of entry. Wherever you are, take the Blue Ridge Parkway and head toward Mile Marker 355.4. Depending on which way you come, you’ll see NC 128 and a sign directing…

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The Harpers!! North Harper Creek Falls & Harper Creek Falls   Leave a comment


It’s hard to believe this post is nearly 3 years old now. Where is the time going so fast! I was hoping to get out today and enjoy this 60 degree January day in the Wilson Creek area, but could not get away from work.

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Today, I took the opportunity to visit two of my favorite waterfalls in the Wilson Creek Wilderness: North Harper Creek Falls, and Harper Creek Falls. Similar names, but different waterfalls on different creeks. The weather for this spring day hike was fantastic, deep blue sky and temps about 60. It was a perfect day to hike. My decision for hiking to The Harpers was made due to a very special young lady named Harper Grace turning 1 today. I could not make it to Atlanta for her party, but I can hike to 2 waterfalls that could be…..named after her. (Lol) Happy Birthday Harper!!!

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Window Falls & Hidden Falls – A Nice Short Stroll Through Hanging Rock State Park Along The MST (w/videos)   4 comments


Window Falls nearly a year ago to the date! Seeing this one all frozen up this past weekend was a real treat!

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It’s a rare Monday off work in January. After a busy weekend hiking, and NFL playoff games, I was feeling a little lazy today. About noon, I decided to get out of the recliner and make sure this nice 50 degree day was not wasted. It’s a good thing that I live within a half hour drive of Hanging Rock State Park.

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Window Falls – Its All About That Ice   3 comments


Usually, to see frozen waterfalls in Western NC, one must go further west and up in elevation. However, on our 4th night in a row of temps in the teens and single digits here in the lower elevations, I had a feeling that our small waterfalls at the nearby Hanging Rock State Park might just freeze up. It is a Sunday morning and is the last day of temps this cold, before rain and slightly warmer air moves in. So, I fought all instincts and got out of bed very early on a frigid morning and headed out just after the park opened at 7 am. I wasn’t expecting much company as it was 12 degrees in the visitor center parking lot. Read the rest of this entry »

Ash Cave Waterfall   Leave a comment

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This is the little waterfall at Ash Cave in Hocking Hills. The recess cave is tremendous. The waterfall is several hundred feet tall and cascades in a light stream off of a beautiful cliff. Now that we have been below zero, heading back this weekend to see if it is frozen.

DSC_0159 - Copy

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Yellow Branch Falls – 2014’s First and Last Waterfall   4 comments

Yellow Branch Falls made such an impact on me on New Years Day 2014, that I vowed to return. While I was there, I had a major problem trying to photograph this very wide waterfall. The widest lens I had was the 18-55 mm kit lens that came with the camera. This was ok in most of the scenarios I had been until that point. This particular waterfall, which is wider than it is tall, took numerous attempts from different positions to get most of it all in one photo. Read the rest of this entry »